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What should I expect from a company that manages my Property?

Invest Smartly!

When investing in real estate to obtain a monetary benefit, you should think about a very important aspect: Who will be responsible for maintenance, collections and payments? I can do it? o Do I need a company that is dedicated to this?

The administration of real estate is a complex task, which seeks to obtain a good return on the property, keep it in good physical condition to preserve its value, comply with tax obligations and pay for services in a timely manner.

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Llevar un orden de gastos es vital!

An intelligent choice that saves many headaches to property owners, who do not have the time or the skills to manage a property, is to hire the services of a good administration company, which manages the property more adequately and ensure better performance.

A good management company must not only comply with basic administration services (payments, collections, etc.), it is also a trusted ally that will take care of the property as if it were theirs and will always look after the interests of the owner. These services will be framed within the following functions:

Advice on prices according to the market: The administrator must know the market and suggest the price of the property, in order to establish a real and competitive fee.

Property Promotion: The administrator must be updated with the most effective means of promoting real estate and promote the property so that it is seen and leased in the shortest time possible.

Selection of the tenant: The administrator must know and evaluate the tenant, to ensure their financial and moral capacity, as well as the possibility of locating it.

Manejamos su propiedad como si fuera nuestra

Manejamos su propiedad como si fuera nuestra.

Financial Management: Financial management is very important, it is responsible for collecting the rent, payment of taxes, public services and maintenance expenses. These timely actions prevent the payment of fines and other penalties for non-compliance.

Preventive Maintenance: Your investment should last over time and be maintained, that is why maintenance management is carried out, here it is important that the manager manages a portfolio of service providers, knows the Horizontal property regulations and laws of the country.

If you are looking for a good company to manage your property in Panama City, Global Real Estate offers quality service since 2007 and we can be your trusted ally. Our job is to make your investment more profitable and its value to be maintained over time.

If it is of your interest to know more about this topic and give you a complete advice, you can contact us click here, we will gladly assist you.

We can give you our best services, in Property Management in Panama.

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